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.ws is the Internet country code top-level domain for Samoa. It is administered by SamoaNIC, for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Samoa. The .ws country code has been marketed as a domain hack, with the .ws purportedly standing for "World Site", Web Site or Web Service, providing a "global" Internet presence to registrants, as it supports all internationalized domain names.
Government of Samoa Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade
Whois Server
Entity / Country
ccTLD - Country Code Top Level Domain
Registration Date
14 July 1995
Registered Domains
164,749Last updated 1 November 2020
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% IANA WHOIS server % for more information on IANA, visit http://www.iana.org % This query returned 1 object domain: WS organisation: Government of Samoa Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade address: P.O. Box 1861 address: Apia address: Samoa contact: administrative name: CEO organisation: Computer Services Ltd. address: Lotemau Centre address: Apia address: Samoa phone: +685 20926 fax-no: +685 20932 e-mail: admin.contact@csl.ws contact: technical name: CEO organisation: Global Domains International address: 701 Palomar Airport Road #300 address: Carlsbad, CA 92011 address: United States phone: +1 760 602 3000 fax-no: +1 760 602 3099 e-mail: tech.contact@csl.ws nserver: A.DNS.WS 2001:67c:1010:37:0:0:0:53 nserver: NS2.DNS.WS nserver: NS5.DNS.WS nserver: S.DNS.WS 2a01:3f0:0:311:0:0:0:53 nserver: US3.DNS.WS nserver: US4.DNS.WS ds-rdata: 36454 8 2 7DB7C8F0FAED1FF118C3F081487CEC39CEC5C89FE647ADC1E2D3643D1BC1F77D whois: whois.website.ws status: ACTIVE remarks: Registration information: http://www.website.ws created: 1995-07-14 changed: 2021-05-26 source: IANA
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