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The .sfr domain name extension will operate as a restricted registry, in which Societe Francaise du Radiotelephone - SFR can create and control domain spaces that promote its brand's identity and authenticity. In this regard, the .sfr TLD will be used by Societe Francaise du Radiotelephone - SFR to provide information, services and resources to consumers in a way that promotes trust, convenience and utility.
Societe Francaise du Radiotelephone - SFR
Whois Server
gTLD - Generic Top Level Domain
Registration Date
12 November 2015
Registered Domains
7Last updated 1 November 2020
No restrictions found, however, TLDs from organizations are generally restricted to the registered company.
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% IANA WHOIS server % for more information on IANA, visit http://www.iana.org % This query returned 1 object domain: SFR organisation: Societe Francaise du Radiotelephone - SFR address: 12 Rue Jean-Philippe Rameau address: CS80001 address: 93634 La Plaine Saint Denis Cedex address: France contact: administrative name: Frederic Guillemaut organisation: SafeBrands address: SafeBrands address: 37 Rue Guibal address: Pôle Media address: 13003 Marseille Cedex address: France phone: +33488662207 fax-no: +33488662220 e-mail: tldsfr@safebrands.com contact: technical name: CTO organisation: CentralNic address: Saddlers House, 4th Floor address: 44 Gutter Lane address: London EC2V 6BR address: United Kingdom phone: +44.2033880600 fax-no: +44.2033880601 e-mail: tld.ops@centralnic.com nserver: A.NIC.SFR 2001:67c:13cc:0:0:0:1:100 nserver: B.NIC.SFR 2a04:2b00:13cc:0:0:0:1:100 nserver: C.NIC.SFR 2a04:2b00:13ee:0:0:0:0:100 nserver: D.NIC.SFR 2a04:2b00:13ff:0:0:0:0:100 ds-rdata: 7923 7 1 E348A086A9BC4C214C16FC529E64BBEE506739C4 ds-rdata: 7923 7 2 E3B4E6B0B3447C29949813283B4308546B1BB895FA1E2A39364F918BE581BF01 ds-rdata: 51274 7 1 bf4509a051e4cb1206784fb08211043be36a495b ds-rdata: 51274 7 2 4be38a9fc56f65e77125940e4ffdaccffc39380f3e74bca025b0206eb8e8628d whois: whois.nic.sfr status: ACTIVE created: 2015-11-12 changed: 2020-04-09 source: IANA
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