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The .sap domain name extension will operate as a restricted registry, in which SAP AG can create and control domain spaces that promote its brand's identity and authenticity. In this regard, the .sap TLD will be used by SAP AG to provide information, services and resources to consumers in a way that promotes trust, convenience and utility.
Whois Server
gTLD - Generic Top Level Domain
Registration Date
19 March 2015
Registered Domains
27Last updated 1 November 2020
No restrictions found, however, TLDs from organizations are generally restricted to the registered company.
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% IANA WHOIS server % for more information on IANA, visit http://www.iana.org % This query returned 1 object domain: SAP organisation: SAP AG address: Dietmar-Hopp-Allee 16 address: 69190 Walldorf address: Germany contact: administrative name: Soenke Lange address: Dietmar-Hopp-Allee 16 address: 69190 Walldorf address: Germany phone: +49-6227-749270 fax-no: +49-6227-757575 e-mail: soenke.lange@sap.com contact: technical name: ironDNS Support organisation: Knipp Medien und Kommunikation GmbH address: Martin-Schmeisser-Weg 9 address: 44227 Dortmund address: North Rhine-Westphalia address: Germany phone: +49-231-9703-0 fax-no: +49-231-9703-200 e-mail: dnsmaster@irondns.net nserver: ANYCAST10.IRONDNS.NET 2a01:5b0:4:0:0:0:0:c nserver: ANYCAST23.IRONDNS.NET 2a01:5b0:5:0:0:0:0:b nserver: ANYCAST24.IRONDNS.NET 2a01:5b0:5:0:0:0:0:c nserver: ANYCAST9.IRONDNS.NET 2a01:5b0:4:0:0:0:0:b ds-rdata: 58162 10 2 C54138AF7A4E7BEDE0D15FFD010BA47792DED7D0729728C814821BD4C06495B6 whois: whois.nic.sap status: ACTIVE remarks: Registration information: http://www.sap.com created: 2015-03-19 changed: 2019-08-23 source: IANA
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