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.ky is the Internet country code top-level domain for the Cayman Islands. In January 2015 the Cayman Islands ICTA announced a partnership with Uniregistry for the operation of the .ky name extension. Uniregistry became the first ICANN accredited registrar to retail .ky names on March 2, 2015.
The Information and Communications Technology Authority
Whois Server
Entity / Country
Cayman Islands
ccTLD - Country Code Top Level Domain
Registration Date
3 May 1995
Registered Domains
6,443Last updated 1 November 2020
Second Level TLDs
No restrictions found.
Whois Result for .ky
% IANA WHOIS server % for more information on IANA, visit http://www.iana.org % This query returned 1 object domain: KY organisation: Utility Regulation and Competition Office (OfReg) address: P.O. Box 2502 address: Grand Cayman KY1-1104 address: Cayman Islands contact: administrative name: Acting Executive Director ICT organisation: Utility Regulation and Competition Office (OfReg) address: P.O. Box 10189 address: Grand Cayman KY1-1002 address: Cayman Islands phone: 1-345-946-4282 fax-no: 1-345-945-8284 e-mail: sonji.myles@ofreg.ky contact: technical name: Francisco Obispo organisation: Uniregistry Inc. address: Governors Square, Unit 3-110 address: 23 Lime Tree Bay Avenue address: Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands address: PO Box 1361, George Town, KY1-1108 address: Cayman Islands phone: +1.3457496263 fax-no: +1.3457466263 e-mail: ops@unr.com nserver: NS1.UNIREGISTRY.NET 2620:57:4000:1:0:0:0:1 nserver: NS2.UNIREGISTRY.INFO nserver: NS3.UNIREGISTRY.NET 2620:10a:80aa:0:0:0:0:3 nserver: NS4.UNIREGISTRY.INFO 2620:10a:80ab:0:0:0:0:3 ds-rdata: 27566 5 1 4010BC344088A61A41A2654EB5197C2B62EA6F47 ds-rdata: 27566 5 2 7E3C406A1FF89436FCC8899A0A86F8798D3EAAB33018502F58F8328125B371F1 ds-rdata: 34129 5 1 3D290F560A3EA7F4A6B77197654A974D3552156B ds-rdata: 58174 5 1 907B467602B4DFC50C3243B7CE1D3E773A1882E2 ds-rdata: 34129 5 2 F486ADA5C0D9D116BE0EA60581F7DDE048CB2E37D228801BC72F1B697972865E ds-rdata: 58174 5 2 627AA8EA8DA2D3E569BED1E5B81349CA9A04C571990A764E1A5823DB6F5DB509 whois: whois.kyregistry.ky status: ACTIVE remarks: Registration information: http://uniregistry.com created: 1995-05-03 changed: 2020-12-31 source: IANA
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