.kred TLD Details

The .kred domain name extension will operate as a restricted registry, in which KredTLD Pty Ltd can create and control domain spaces that promote its brand's identity and authenticity. In this regard, the .kred TLD will be used by KredTLD Pty Ltd to provide information, services and resources to consumers in a way that promotes trust, convenience and utility.
KredTLD Pty Ltd
gTLD - Generic Top Level Domain
Registration Date
20 February 2014
Registered Domains
9,211Last updated 1 November 2020
No restrictions found, however, TLDs from organizations are generally restricted to the registered company.
Whois Result for .kred
% IANA WHOIS server % for more information on IANA, visit http://www.iana.org % This query returned 1 object domain: KRED organisation: KredTLD Pty Ltd address: Level 6/1 Chifley Square, Sydney NSW 2000 address: Australia contact: administrative name: Jodee Rich organisation: KredTLD Pty Ltd address: Level 6/1 Chifley Square, Sydney NSW 2000 address: Australia phone: +61 2 9247 8230 e-mail: contact@peoplebrowsr.com contact: technical name: CTO organisation: CentralNic address: Saddlers House, 4th Floor address: 44 Gutter Lane address: London EC2V 6BR address: United Kingdom phone: +44 2033880600 fax-no: +44 2033880601 e-mail: tld.ops@centralnic.com nserver: A.NIC.KRED 2001:67c:13cc:0:0:0:1:79 nserver: B.NIC.KRED 2a04:2b00:13cc:0:0:0:1:79 nserver: C.NIC.KRED 2a04:2b00:13ee:0:0:0:0:79 nserver: D.NIC.KRED 2a04:2b00:13ff:0:0:0:0:79 ds-rdata: 11480 8 1 74E467BCA5017FCD4F9F52618BBA52BAAB535461 ds-rdata: 11480 8 2 A9C2AD21A0CAFA1DB04731EF4647140962C88A2DA406C53E8A9D4B3CC46F7F9F ds-rdata: 56191 8 1 DDFF2DC997DDB6798552294536706D235395FE24 ds-rdata: 56191 8 2 E0ECE602138FF1452F8F8D504ECCAB90404B9F010486F09D461C49FDE6F3A30F ds-rdata: 7366 8 2 46BB5D35906260D79F26C5639B8A1FE47061C329973204D07222808035CD11BF ds-rdata: 7366 8 1 938E9EE09F411E400DD96657494C3FB5C90EE3B0 status: ACTIVE remarks: Registration information: http://www.peoplebrowsr.com created: 2014-02-20 changed: 2020-05-05 source: IANA
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