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.is is the top-level domain for Iceland. The country code is derived from the first two letters of Island, which is the Icelandic word for Iceland. Registration of .is domains is open to all persons and companies without any special restriction. Many domain hacks exist which use the .is suffix as the English verb is. Some examples are who.is, this.is, she.is, he.is, time.is, myname.is, hellomyname.is, pronoun.is. Many names can be used which end with is, such as will.is and ell.is.
ISNIC - Internet Iceland ltd.
Whois Server
Entity / Country
ccTLD - Country Code Top Level Domain
Registration Date
18 November 1987
Registered Domains
64,737Last updated 1 November 2020
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% IANA WHOIS server % for more information on IANA, visit http://www.iana.org % This query returned 1 object domain: IS organisation: ISNIC - Internet Iceland ltd. address: Katrinartun 2 address: Reykjavik 105 address: Iceland contact: administrative name: Jens Pétur Jensen organisation: ISNIC - Internet Iceland, Inc. address: Katrinartun 2 address: Reykjavik 105 address: Iceland phone: +354 578 2030 e-mail: jens@isnic.is contact: technical name: Marius Olafsson organisation: ISNIC - Internet Iceland Inc. address: Katrinartun 2 address: Reykjavik 105 address: Iceland phone: +354 525 4747 fax-no: +354 561 0999 e-mail: marius@isgate.is nserver: BES.ISNIC.IS 2001:500:14:6116:ad:0:0:1 nserver: DURINN.RHNET.IS 2a00:c88:10:16:0:0:0:20 nserver: ISGATE.IS 2001:67c:6c:58:0:0:0:51 nserver: SAB.ISNIC.IS 2001:67c:1010:14:0:0:0:53 nserver: SUNIC.SUNET.SE 2001:6b0:7:0:0:0:0:2 ds-rdata: 26726 8 2 6984fef569cfdb2ce00afc62b5763ad50306eb0d4816a7c6cf921bf66b12245a whois: whois.isnic.is status: ACTIVE remarks: Registration information: https://www.isnic.is/ created: 1987-11-18 changed: 2020-01-06 source: IANA
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