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Regional & Cultural
Desi Networks LLC
Whois Server
desi => Hindi for the peoples and cultures of south asia see also desi
gTLD - Generic Top Level Domain
Registration Date
6 March 2014
Registered Domains
872Last updated 1 November 2020
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% IANA WHOIS server % for more information on IANA, visit http://www.iana.org % This query returned 1 object domain: DESI organisation: Desi Networks LLC address: 6813 Marbury Road address: Bethesda, MD 20817 address: United States contact: administrative name: Siddharth Ohri organisation: Desi Networks, LLC address: 6813 Marbury Road address: Bethesda, MD 20817 address: United States phone: 1-202-236-4338 e-mail: sohri@dotdesi.com contact: technical name: CTO organisation: CentralNic address: Saddlers House, 4th Floor address: 44 Gutter Lane address: London EC2V 6BR address: United Kingdom phone: +44.2033880600 fax-no: +44.2033880601 e-mail: tld.ops@centralnic.com nserver: A.NIC.DESI 2001:67c:13cc:0:0:0:1:81 nserver: B.NIC.DESI 2a04:2b00:13cc:0:0:0:1:81 nserver: C.NIC.DESI 2a04:2b00:13ee:0:0:0:0:81 nserver: D.NIC.DESI 2a04:2b00:13ff:0:0:0:0:81 ds-rdata: 39859 8 2 1382964834be4f7bf4830a27955ec8f6a1557ec20479ae946f6910a131e54ab9 ds-rdata: 32296 8 2 948f1b60d22606e7488f84c0ad2e0546376aeedfd15b6ded198127add5d8928f ds-rdata: 11020 8 2 5017e17ac3f43d2dcca968723fddb1b641765a38f53afba0469e33c9ac75c582 whois: whois.nic.desi status: ACTIVE remarks: Registration information: http://www.dotdesi.com/ created: 2014-03-06 changed: 2020-04-22 source: IANA
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